Notice No20181019-4Notice Date19 Oct 2018
SubjectOffer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Takeover) for LKP Finance Limited

This Notice is in continuation with the Exchange Notice no. 20180911-30 dated Sep 11, 2018 and 20180917-13 dated Sep 17, 2018 regarding Takeover Offer by Dakshin Mercantile Private Limited (“Acquirer”) of the Company - LKP Finance Ltd.


Trading Members and Custodians are requested to note that the Manager to the Issue, ICICI Securities Ltd. has requested the Exchange not to proceed with the settlement of the equity shares of the target company - LKP Finance Ltd. pursuant to order dated October 17, 2018 of the Hon’ble Commercial Court (District level) at Atal Nagar, Raipur, Chattisgarh.


The letter of Manger to the issue, ICICI Securities Ltd. along with order issued by the Hon’ble Commercial Court are attached for information.



Bhushan Mokashi

Additional General Manager

Listing Ops & Sales

October 19, 2018


Letter & Court Order.pdf