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Notice No20180530-17Notice Date30 May 2018
CategoryCompany relatedSegmentEquity
SubjectListing of further securities issued by the companies under ESOP/ESOS


Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the further new securities issued by the under mentioned companies are listed and admitted for trading on the Exchange with effect from Thursday, May 31, 2018. 
Sr. No. Name of the Company ISIN Scrip code No of shares Face Value Dist. Nos Date upto which under lock-in
1 Majesco Ltd INE898S01029 539289 27006 5 28172397 28199402 NA
2 MAHINDRA HOLIDAYS & RESORTS INDIA LTD. INE998I01010 533088 50000 10 133443785 133493784 NA
3 L&T Technology Services Ltd INE010V01017 540115 3990 2 102456048 102460037 NA
  Nitin Pujari