Notice No20210401-9Notice Date01 Apr 2021
CategoryTradingSegmentMutual Fund
SubjectNon Business Day for certain schemes of Invesco Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform

MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are hereby informed that we have received communication from Invesco Mutual Fund that market will be closed for INVESCO INDIA FEEDER - INVESCO PAN EUROPEAN EQUITY FUND, INVESCO INDIA FEEDER - INVESCO GLOBAL EQUITY INCOME FUND & INVESCO INDIA - INVESCO GLOBAL CONSUMER TRENDS FUND OF FUND on April 05, 2021 on account of "Non Business Day" on BSE StAR MF Platform.

Hence subscription/redemption/Switch/SIP/STP/SWP will not be allowed in these schemes through BSE StAR MF platform on the date mentioned.


Ketan Jantre                                                    Zeeta Eustace 

Sr. General Manager – Mutual Funds            Asst. General Manager – Mutual Funds