Notice No20180926-15Notice Date26 Sep 2018
CategoryTradingSegmentMutual Fund
SubjectShifting of SIP and XSIP registration for SUNDARAM SERVICES FUND on BSE star MF platform

This is with reference to Notice No. 20180829-2, dated August 29, 2018 regarding launch of New Fund Offer of Sundaram Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform.

MFIs/MFD/RIAs are hereby informed that, SUNDARAM AMC is having systematic investement plan (SIP/XSIP) dates as 1st, 7th, 14th, 20th and 25th for Monthly as well Quarterly frequency.

The registeration has been done by members in other dates also during the NFO period, hence we are shifting other dates SIP & XSIP registered under SUNDARAM SERVICES FUND for Monthly as well Quarterly frequency to nearest date as provided above by SUNDARAM AMC.

MFIs/MFD/RIAs are hereby advised to confirm the clients regarding change in SIP/XSIP dates for registeration done under SUNDARAM SERVICES FUND during NFO period on BSE platform. 


Ketan Jantre                                                Zeeta Eustace 

Sr. General Manager – Mutual Funds       Assistant General Manager – Mutual Funds