Notice No20200713-8Notice Date13 Jul 2020
SubjectSettlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Delisting) for OCEAN AGRO (INDIA) LTD.

Subject: Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Delisting) for OCEAN AGRO (INDIA) LTD.


Settlement calendar pertaining to Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Delisting) OCEAN AGRO (INDIA) LTD. to be conducted from 14/07/2020 to 20/07/2020 is as under:


Settlement Type

Settlement No.

Bid Start Date

Bid End Date

Obligation Download

Settlement Date








Additional Points:


  • Demat shares should be delivered only through the Early Pay-in of Shares mechanism, which is available in both the depositories. In addition to the other details, the Market Type “(Delisting)” and settlement No.2020035 are to be used by Members/Custodians in the depository system.
  • Members/Custodians are requested to refer to Notice No.20200528-32 dated May 28, 2020 regarding settlement as per Revised Guidelines of Mechanism for acquisition of shares through Stock Exchange.


Early Pay-in for Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Delisting) for OCEAN AGRO (INDIA) LTD.


Participants must ensure that effect of their early pay-in of securities is reflected in BSE/ICCL systems before the prescribed timelines for accepting/confirmation of Bids by the BSE OTB platform. For this purpose, they must complete the process of early pay-in of securities in the Depository system sufficiently in advance before the prescribed timelines for closure of BSE OTB Bidding window for placing the bids by members and confirmation window for confirming the Bids by Custodians


In case of CDSL early pay-in will be required to be done by clients directly to the early pay-in account of the member/custodians and in case of NSDL early pay-in securities will be earmarked / blocked in clients account, client will execute instructions for transfer of security to the member’s NSDL pool a/c in requisite market type and settlement number.


Members & Custodians are NOT required to upload any EPN file for the same.


For any further clarifications, Members & Custodians may contact their relationship managers or BSE Help Desk:-

Name of Official

Contact Number

Email ID

BSE Help Desk



For Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.

Sanjay Narvankar                                                                         Ajay Darji

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July 13, 2020