Notice No20190307-4Notice Date07 Mar 2019
CategoryCorporate ActionsSegmentEquity
SubjectNew ISIN Number of ISL Consulting Limited (Scrip Code 511609)

In Continuation of Notice No.20190226-17 dated February 26, 2019, Trading Members of the Exchange are

hereby informed that the New ISIN number for the equity shares of the company for Record Date,

i.e. March 11, 2019, is as under:-


Company Name & Scrip Code

New ISIN No.


ISL Consulting Limited



Sub-division of equity shares from Rs.10/- to Rs. 5/-


The new ISIN number given above, for Equity Shares of Rs. 5/- each of the company shall be effective for trades

done on and from the Ex-Date i.e. March 08, 2019 (DR-236/2018-2019).


Mangesh Tayde

Senior Manager –Listing Operations (CRD)

March 07, 2019