Notice No20180917-37Notice Date17 Sep 2018
CategoryCorporate ActionsSegmentDebt
SubjectResumption of trading in Debentures of Suncity Constructwell Private Limited

This is in continuation of Notice No.20180914-08 dated September 14, 2018 informing therein the revised Record date of 19.09.2018 fixed by Suncity Constructwell Private Limited in respect of payment of interest and redemption of following Debentures of the Company.


Suncity Constructwell Private Limited has now informed that it has re-revised the Record Date of the below mentioned Debentures to 24.09.2018  for redemption and interest payment and have requested to revoke the suspension of trading in the debentures:





Suncity Constructwell Private Limited SCPL-14.5%-22-12-20-PVT



Redemption of NCD and Payment of Interest



In view of the above, Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the dealing in the abovementioned Debentures shall be resumed on the Exchange w.e.f. September 19, 2018 (DR-121/2018-2019).


Further, as per the company’s request the scrip will be suspended w.e.f. September 21, 2018 due to the Revised Record Date of 24.09.2018 fixed by the company for redemption of debentures. Therefore, the dealing in the above mentioned Debentures shall be suspended on the Exchange w.e.f. September 21, 2018 (DR-122/2018-2019).


 Trading Members are requested to take note of the above.




Mangesh Tayde

Senior Manager- Listing Operations (CRD)


September 17, 2018