Notice No20190531-18Notice Date31 May 2019
SubjectChange in Clearing Member affiliation under Interoperability

Trading Members on the Capital Market segment, Futures & Options, Currency Derivatives and Debt segment intending to change their association/affiliation from one Clearing Member to another are required to submit the following documents:


1. Letter from the Trading Member, requesting the change in affiliation as per Annexure I

2. Letter from the disaffiliating / outgoing Clearing Member as per Annexure II

3. Letter from the affiliating / incoming Clearing Member as per Annexure III

4. Trading Member – Clearing Member Agreement

(The said agreement shall be provided as per the format applicable to the designated Clearing Corporation of the incoming Clearing Member (CM). For CM of ICCL, the said formats of agreement are attached for ready reference.

Applicant Trading Member shall note the following:

1. Trading member needs to send the required documents via email at to the Exchange with subject line “Request for change in clearing member affiliation”.

2.   These documents needs to be sent 3 working days prior to “effective date”. Effective date is the date of affiliation (start of market hours) with the new clearing member.

Trading Members / Clearing Members are requested to take note of the above and ensure its due compliance accordingly. The circular shall be effective from June 03, 2019.


For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.



Johnson Chiriyath                                                  Amit Kadam

Dy. General Manager                                            Senior Manager

Membership Operations                                        Membership Operations


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Ankit Kothari


Yogesh Zarkar


Annexure III.docx
Annexure II.docx
TM-CM Agreement format for cash segment.docx
Annexure I.DOCX
TM-CM Agreement format for cash, currency derivatives, commodity derivatives and new debt segment.docx