Notice No20190701-33Notice Date01 Jul 2019
SubjectTrade-To-Trade Scrips – Inclusions in “T” or “XT” Group

As a part of Surveillance measures and based on the extant SEBI framework, the Exchanges transfer various securities for settlement on a Trade-to-Trade basis. The criteria for shifting securities to/from for settlement on trade to trade basis is decided in consultation with SEBI and applied uniformly across the stock exchanges and reviewed periodically.

The detailed criteria of shifting scrip to/from Trade-to-Trade are available on website at

The Exchange with a view to take preventive surveillance measure to ensure market safety and safeguard the interest of the investors, has decided to take the following Surveillance actions:

The securities mentioned in Annexure I which are satisfying all the criteria I, II and III will be transferred to T / XT Group w.e.f. July 04, 2019.  The securities mentioned in Annexure II will continue to remain in T / XT / P / Z / ZP Group and would attract a circuit filter of 5% or lower as applicable.

Trading Members are requested to take adequate precaution while trading in above securities, as the settlement will be done on trade-to-trade basis and no netting off positions will be allowed. Further, as per the provisions of Exchange Notice No. 20050805-12 dated 05 August 2005; a VaR Margin of 100% will also be levied on these scrips.

Trading Members should note that the transfer of security/ies for trading and settlement on a trade-to-trade basis is purely on account of market surveillance measure and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the company. Further, this is a temporary measure and will be periodically reviewed depending on the market conditions.

In case, trading members require any clarification, they may contact the below mentioned official of the Exchange:

Mr. Yathartha Naik (022 2272-1717)


For & On behalf of BSE Ltd



(Yogendra Daxini)                                                                         (Saji Sunilkumar)

Asst. Gen. Manager                                                                         Manager

Surveillance                                                                                    Surveillance



July 01, 2019