Notice No20180926-10Notice Date26 Sep 2018
CategoryComplianceSegmentCommodity Derivatives
SubjectUCC registration in Commodity segment

This is further to the Exchange notice nos. 20180911-12 dated September 11, 2018 and 20180925-4 dated September 25, 2018 regarding batch upload file format and compliance requirements.

The changes in the UCC system has been made live w.e.f today i.e September 26, 2018.

The stock brokers shall ensure to register the new client codes or enable the existing client codes in the UCC system in Commodity Segment on the previous trading day before 9 p.m. so that the trades can be executed on the next trading day subject to successful verification of PAN and name with the details on the Income Tax website. The stock brokers can register the client codes by selecting the relevant segments in the UCC system.

Stock brokers shall note that the trades can be executed in Commodity segment only for client codes where there is no mismatch in the details uploaded by you in the UCC system and the Income Tax website.

The records where a mismatch shall be observed between the details uploaded in UCC and details available for the said PAN on Income Tax website , would be available to the stock brokers in the UCC system under the below mentioned menu:

1.    UCC --- Invalid PAN- ALL clients

2.    UCC --- Invalid PAN- Active clients

The stock brokers are advised to rectify the client codes appearing in the mismatch file.

Please note that the client codes which are “Active in Commodity” and “verified” shall be eligible for trading in the Commodity Derivatives segment.


For and On behalf of BSE Ltd.


Gopalkrishnan Iyer                                                            Hitasha Gurbani

Chief General Manager                                                     Asst. Gen. Manager

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