Notice No20180831-25Notice Date31 Aug 2018
CategoryCompany relatedSegmentEquity
SubjectListing of new securities of Idea Cellular Ltd.


Trading members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the under mentioned new securities of Idea Cellular Ltd. (Scrip Code 532822) are listed and permitted for trading on the Exchange with effect from Monday, September 03, 2018.

Security Details

4,37,51,99,464 Equity Share of Rs.10/- each issued pursuant to Composite Scheme of Amalgamation and Arrangement among Vodafone Mobile Services Limited (VMSL), Vodafone India Limited (VIL) and Idea Cellular Limited (ICL)


These shares are ranking pari-passu with the existing equity shares of the company




Dist. Nos.

8253867452 to 12629066915

Date of Allotment



Please Note that 3,89,39,27,522 equity shares bearing distinctive nos. 4359939930 to 8253867451 allotted on 31/8/2018 to shareholders of VMSL in Step 1 of the scheme pursuant to the amalgamation of VMSL with ICL, will be cancelled immediately at the time of allotment of aforesaid 4,37,51,99,464 equity shares allotted to shareholders of VIL in Step 2 of the scheme pursuant to the amalgamation of VIL with ICL.


Nitinkumar Pujari

Senior Manager