Notice No20191010-13Notice Date10 Oct 2019
CategoryCorporate ActionsSegmentEquity
SubjectNew ISIN Number of PG Industry Ltd. (Scrip Code 531281)

 In Continuation of Notice No. 20191001-19 dated October 01, 2019, Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the New ISIN number for the equity shares of the company will be as under:-


Company Name & Scrip Code

New ISIN No.


PG Industry Ltd.



Sub-division of equity shares from Rs.10/- to Rs.5/-


The new ISIN number given above, for Equity Shares of Rs.5/- each of the company shall be effective for trades done on and from the Ex-Date i.e. October 14, 2019 (DR- 132/2019-2020). 



Mangesh Tayde

Assistant General Manager - Listing Operations (CRD)

October 10, 2019