Notice No20200925-17Notice Date25 Sep 2020
SubjectSEBI directions w.r.t. listed Shell Companies – List of companies

Sub: SEBI directions w.r.t. listed Shell Companies – List of companies


This is in furtherance to the Exchange notice no. 20181029-18 dated October 29, 2018 on the subject matter. As per the provision of Para no. II. e. of the said notice, the securities of the below mentioned companies shall be placed under “Stage VI” of GSM framework w.e.f. Monday i.e. September 28, 2020.

Sr. No.

Scrip Code

Name of the company



Avance Technologies Ltd.



Empower India Ltd.

All concerned companies and market participants are requested to take note of the aforementioned.


In case of any clarifications, please contact on 022 – 2272 8083.



For & On behalf of BSE Ltd.




Rajesh Gandhi                                                                                  Ena Janvalekar

Deputy General Manager                                                                Assistant General Manager

Surveillance                                                                                      Surveillance


Date: - September 25, 2020