Notice No20220623-11Notice Date23 Jun 2022
CategoryCorporate ActionsSegmentDebt
SubjectResumption of Trading in Debentures of Ummeed Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd.

In continuation of Exchange Notice No. 20220616-03 dated 16th June, 2022, wherein, it was informed that Ummeed Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd. has fixed Record Date of 15.06.2022 for the purpose of prepayment of principal and Interest of its listed Debentures having Scrip Code: 959677.


The Company has now informed that,  due to certain taxation issues u/s 194LC of the Income Tax Act the Company is unable to execute early Redemption of the aforesaid Listed Debentures. Further with the consent of the Majority  Debenture Holders , the Company has decided to redeem the NCDs (Part Redemption) and pay Interest thereon as per scheduled repayment dates i.e. Record Date : 15.06.2022 and payment due date on 01.07.2022


Furthermore, the company has  requested to revoke the suspension of the aforesaid Debentures.


In view of the above, Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that the Trading in the following Listed  Debentures of the Company shall be resumed on the Exchange w.e.f. June 24, 2022, (DR-060/2022-2023) :





Ummeed Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd




Non Convertible Debentures


 Trading Members are requested to take note of the above. 


Marian Dsouza

Manager – Listing Operations (CRD)

June 23, 2022