Notice No20210504-22Notice Date04 May 2021
SubjectSAT Order in the matter of Syncom Healthcare Ltd.



All Trading Members of the Exchange


Sub: SAT Order in the matter of Syncom Healthcare Ltd.


In continuation to the Exchange Notice No. 20190115-29 dated January 15, 2019 on the captioned matter.


The Hon’ble Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) vide its order dated April 30, 2021 has quashed the impugned orders w.r.t. apellants viz. Mr. Govind Das Pasari (appeal nos.201 and 603 of 2019), Mr. Bharat Kumar (appeal nos.101 of 2019 and 32 of 2020) and Mr. Avichal Kasliwal (appeal nos.306 and 602 of 2019) and Mrs. Jyoti Bankda (appeal no.98 of 2020)

Trading members are advised to take note of the same and ensure compliance.



Jeevan Noronha                                                                                          Fahad Kapadia

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Date: May 04, 2021