Notice No20190124-26Notice Date24 Jan 2019
SubjectCircular for Securities Transaction Price Index (STPI)

This is further to the circular 20181022-25 dated 22 October 2018 for data required for computation of Securities Transaction Price Index (STPI) from specific trading members who have already been intimated by the exchange.


Subsequent to the issue of above-mentioned circular, it has been decided to retain the existing data format which was used for submission of historical STPI data (used for the previous quarters) for the ensuing quarters also i.e. January-March quarter of 2019 onwards.


Going forward, trading members are only required to submit data as per format provided in Annexure-I.


Please note below points while providing the data:

1.    The quarterly data from January-March 2019 quarter onwards must be given in the format provided in Annexure–I.

2.    Data for January-March 2019 quarter onwards must be provided on a regular basis   by 16th of month immediately following the quarter end. For example, for January-March 2019 quarter, data must be provided by April 16, 2019.

3.   The data should be provided only in excel as per the instructions provided in Annexure-I and name of excel file should be a combination of member code and        quarter. For example 12345Oct-Dec2018.xlsx

4.    Data should be sent through email at with subject line ‘Data meant for STPI’.


For any queries in this regard, trading members may contact Mr. Anand on 2272 8229


For and behalf of BSE Limited


Gopalkrishnan Iyer

Chief General Manager