Notice No20190308-41Notice Date08 Mar 2019
CategoryCompany relatedSegmentDebt
SubjectUpdate Regarding debt securities of Capri Global Capital Limited


In continuation to the Exchange Notice No. 20170306-25 dated 06 March 2017 regarding listing of debt securities of Capri Global Capital Limited, Trading Members are requested to note that w.e.f. Monday, March 11, 2019, the following Scrip Code bearing the following ISIN would be available for trading under the revised terms as below:



Scrip Code





Insertion of Below clause:


“Rights of Issuer to Purchase & Re- issue Debenture:

The Issuer may if permissible under the relevant provisions of the applicable law exercise its rights, from time to time, to repurchase some or all the Debenture(s) at any time prior to the date of redemption subject to compliance of all the applicable law, rules, and regulations. Such repurchase of debentures may be at par or at Premium/ discount to the par value at the sole discretion of the CGCL/ Company. The Company/ CGCL shall have the right to extinguish or to keep such debenture alive for the purpose of re-issuing the same debenture or by issuing other debentures in their place in accordance ·with the relevant pro-visions of the Companies Act, 2013."



Trading Members may contact the following Officials for further details if any:


Name of the Officer

Contact details

Email Id

Ms. Ishwari Vaidya

+91 22 2272 8597




Rupal Khandelwal


March 08, 2019