Notice No20210915-45Notice Date15 Sep 2021
SubjectAmendment to SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/DMS/CIR/P/2017/15 dated February 23, 2017 on Amendment pursuant to comprehensive review of Investor Grievance Redressal Mechanism

SEBI has issued circular no. SEBI/HO/MRD1/ICC1/CIR/P/2021/625 dated September 2, 2021 in amendment to SEBI Circular no. SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/DMS/CIR/P/2017/15 dated February 23, 2017. The copy of said Circular dated September 2, 2021 is attached herewith as Annexure A.

Trading Members are requested to take note of the same.


Usha Sharma                                                              Hemant Dharap        

General Manager                                                       Deputy General Manager

Broker Supervision, Membership Compliance,       Membership Compliance and

 and Investor Services                                                Investor Services

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