Notice No20211022-7Notice Date22 Oct 2021
SubjectChange of Name on account of Amalgamation

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that SEBI has approved the Amalgamation of Bhaijee Portfolio Limited [Transferor Company] (Member No. 6125) with Bhaijee Commodities Pvt. Ltd. (New Name : Bhaijee Portfolio Pvt. Ltd.) [Transferee Company] in the Cash, Equity Derivative, Currency Derivative & Commodity Derivative Segments.


Now the name of Bhaijee Portfolio Limited (Member No. 6125) stands changed to Bhaijee Portfolio Pvt. Ltd. (Member No. 6125) w.e.f. Monday, 25th October, 2021. 





Amit Kadam                                                    Prakash Bhat

Asst. General Manager                                   Senior Manager

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