Notice No20190307-46Notice Date07 Mar 2019
CategoryCompany relatedSegmentDebt
Subject Update Regarding debt securities of Altico Capital India Limited

In continuation to the Exchange Notice No. 20170418-15 dated 18 April 2017 regarding listing of debt securities of Altico Capital India Limited, Trading Members are requested to note that as per the intimation received from the Company below are the modifications in Debenture Trust Deed w.e.f. Friday, March 08, 2019:


Scrip Code




 "3. Financial Covenants:

(a) The Company shall ensure that, until the Final Redemption Date:


(i)            its Capital to Risk Assets Ratio and Tier I Capital Ratio is not less than 30% at all times;


(ii)           the Debt to Equity ratio of the Company does not, at any time, exceed 2.50;


(iii)               there shall not be any cumulative mismatch in any of the buckets till one year of submission of the  asset- liability management statement; and


     (iv)           the profit after tax for the financial year is not negative.”


Trading Members may contact the following Officials for further details if any:


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Ms. Shelly Bisht

+91 22 2272 8642




Rupal Khandelwal


March 7, 2019