Notice No20190326-36Notice Date26 Mar 2019
CategoryTradingSegmentMutual Fund
SubjectExtension of NFO of Axis Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform

This is with reference to Notice No. 20190315-31 dated March 15, 2019 regarding Launch of New Fund Offer of Axis Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform.

MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are hereby informed that we have received communication from Axis Mutual Fund regarding extension of AXIS FIXED TERM PLAN - SERIES 104 (1112 DAYS) - NFO from March 26, 2019 to March 27, 2019 on the BSE StAR MF Platform.  The notice cum addendum issued by Axis AMC is attached.

The revised allotment will be March 28, 2019.

MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are also hereby informed that, AMC confirmed that allotment for above scheme will be done immediately on next business day hence the clear funds has to be available in ICCL Account by 3.00pm on March 27, 2019.


Ketan Jantre                                                Zeeta Eustace 

Sr. General Manager – Mutual Funds       Assistant General Manager – Mutual Funds