Notice No20190208-38Notice Date08 Feb 2019
SubjectClarifications received from the companies


The Exchange has observed significant price/volume movement in following scrip/s in the recent past. The Exchange in order to ensure that trading member/investors have latest relevant information had written to the following companies. Reply received from them is attached herewith.

1.      Genus Paper & Boards Ltd (Security Code: 538961)

2.      Zenotech Laboratories Ltd (Security Code: 532039)

3.      BPL Ltd (Security Code: 500074)

4.      Nila Spaces Ltd (Security Code: 542231)

5.      AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd (Security Code: 506820)

6.      Nu Tek India Ltd. (Security Code: 533015)

7.      Mandhana Industries Ltd (Security Code: 533204)

8.      RSD Finance Ltd (Security Code: 539875)


Reply is awaited from following company

1.      Panyam Cements & Mineral Industries Ltd (Security Code: 500322)

2.      RDB Rasayans Ltd (Security Code: 533608)

3.      Sahyog Multibase Ltd (Security Code: 539660)

4.      P.M. Telelinnks Ltd (Security Code: 513403)

For & On behalf of BSE Ltd

Yogendra Daxini

Jeevan Noronha

Assistant General Manager

Senior Manager



07th February 2019

NU TEK.pdf
RSD_reply for price sensitive info.pdf
Mandhana Industries Ltd.PDF
Zenotech-BSE Reply.pdf
NILA Space LTD.pdf
BPL Ltd.pdf
Genus Paper & Boards Ltd.pdf