Notice No20180918-7Notice Date18 Sep 2018
CategoryCompany relatedSegmentMutual Fund
SubjectRevision in Number of Units of scheme – HDFC FMP 91D August 2018 (1) Series 42 of HDFC Mutual Fund

Further to our earlier notice 20180911-18 dated September 11, 2018, Trading Members of the Exchange are requested to note that there is a revision in number of units of the below mentioned scheme.


 Scrip Code

 Scheme Name

Present number of    units

 Revised number of units



HDFC FMP 91D August 2018(1) - Series 42 – Regular Option - Growth Option




The revision in the number of units is as per the instructions of AMC / Mutual Fund.

Remaining contents of our earlier notice 20180911-18 dated September 11, 2018, and other notices issued for the above scrip code will remain unchanged.

In case members require any further clarification, they may contact the undersigned on 022-22728934.



For, BSE Ltd.



Atul Dhotre

Senior Manager

Tuesday, September 18, 2018