Notice No20190311-13Notice Date11 Mar 2019
SubjectCharges for not uploading the IML/BOLT TWS/BOLT PLUS Location information for the month of February 2019.


Attention of the Trading Members is drawn to Exchange Notice nos. 20070828-28 dated August 28, 2007, 20070531-8 dated May 31, 2007, 20131204-9 dated December 4, 2013 and 20131213-26 dated December 13, 2013 and 20180925-4 dated September 25, 2018 to ensure that all the IML/BOLT TWS/BOLT PLUS terminals are registered with the Exchange and notice no. 20070517-22 dated May 17, 2007 regarding charges for not uploading the IML/BOLT TWS/BOLT PLUS details to the Exchange.
The Exchange has been downloading to the Trading members on a daily basis a file LCddmmyy.xxxx through Extranet, containing information regarding terminal locations, which are not registered or are incorrectly registered and orders have been punched from those locations. These location codes attract charges of Rs 100/- per day per terminal on placing the order from these terminals.
The charges file for the month of February 2019 has been downloaded with the file-name LCSmmyy.xxxx (LCS0219.xxxx for February 2019) in today’s EQUITY TRANSACTION FOLDER in Extranet. The charges as indicated in the LCS file would be debited to the General Charges Account.
The Trading members are advised to ensure strict compliance and upload the IML/BOLT TWS/BOLT PLUS terminal location details to the Exchange before punching the orders from the said location.
In case of any queries / clarification, Trading members may contact the under mentioned officials.

Ms. Jyoti Thukral
Ms. Priya Pillai

 For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.
    Kiran Sawant                                                                              Jyoti Thukral                                                        
    Asst. General Manager                                                              Sr. Manager                                                          
    Broker Supervision                                                                    Broker Supervision