Notice No.   20240619-9   Notice Date   19 Jun 2024
Category   Compliance   Segment   Equity
Subject   Margin Trading Reporting
Attachments   Annexure-1.docx ;

This is with reference to SEBI circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/86/2017 dated August 1, 2017, Exchange notice no. 20170803-5 dated August 3, 2017 regarding Margin Trading facility and Margin trading reporting format along with the operational guidelines for submitting these details.

In this regard, members are kindly requested to note that MGB format is being updated. An additional column, “Source of Borrowings” is introduced. The revised file format is attached as Annexure 1 and the relevant changes are highlighted.

Please note that the UAT environment is now available to the Trading Members in BEFS for testing the revised file format. Members can access the test environment using the URL provided below.


Path: - :

Menu : Margin Trading --> Margin Trading Upload


The login credentials for accessing this TEST environment for existing users will remain same as they are using now. 

Trading Members are requested to take a note that above submissions are only for testing purpose to get familiar with the system prior to the module being made live for submission of margin trading details i.e., MG, MGA and MGB files.

The module will be made live on 05-Aug-2024.


In case of any clarification required you may contact:


Contact no.

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022-2272 8435

022-2272 5785



For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.



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