Notice No.   20240529-16   Notice Date   29 May 2024
Category   Others   Segment   General
Subject   Amendment in Norms for eligibility of claims for compensation from IPF and enhancement in maximum compensation from IPF payable to the clients of the defaulter member
Attachments   Annexure I.pdf ;

Trading Members and Investors are hereby informed thathe Member and Core Settlement Guarantee Fund Committee of the Exchange has amended the “Norms for Eligibility of Claims for Compensation from IPF to the Clients of Defaulter Member”.

These amended Norms are attached herewith as Annexure-I.

Further, the Exchange also enhanced the maximum amount of compensation payable from Investor Protection Fund of the Exchange to the client of defaulter member from Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs per client of defaulter.

The enhanced compensation and the amended norms shall be made applicable to the clients of those trading members who will be declared defaulter from the date of issue of this notice.

The Trading Members and Investors are requested to take note of the same.


Ravindra Palande                                                             Abhijit Pai

Additional General Manager                                                      Deputy General Manager 

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