Notice No.   20240423-11   Notice Date   23 Apr 2024
Category   Settlement/RMS   Segment   General
Subject   Visibility on client-wise collateral

Attention of members is drawn to SEBI’s circular SEBI/HO/MRD2_DCAP/CIR/2021/0598 dated July 20, 2021 whereby guidelines were provided for the client collateral segregation framework in order to further strengthen the mechanism of protection of client collateral from misappropriation / misuse by TM/ CM and default of TM/CM and/or other clients.


Accordingly, members are required to report disaggregated collateral information (segment-wise and asset type wise break-up) of each client on daily basis. Based upon such reported information from members, ICCL provides a web-based facility available at to investors to view their disaggregated collateral placed with Member. All investors can use the same after following simple online registration process.


It has been observed that many investors are still not aware of the said facility available by ICCL.  In this context, Members are requested to make efforts to communicate and educate their clients about the said facility in various ways such as through letters, SMS, emails, social media postings, website etc.


All Members are hereby advised to publish a link to web-based facility made available by ICCL on the homepage of their website, on or before May 31, 2024.


In case any clarification is required, members may contact following ICCL officials:

Name of Official

Direct Line Number

email ID


Mr. G.V. Kumar


Mr. Praveen Poojary




For and on behalf of

Indian Clearing Corporation Limited




Anita Bhatia

Chief Regulatory & Compliance Officer