Notice No.   20240214-41   Notice Date   14 Feb 2024
Category   Settlement/RMS   Segment   General
Subject   Special Live session on Saturday March 02nd, 2024 - Intraday Invocation of SaaS RMS

All Members,


Please refer to detailed circular 20240214-20 dated 14th February 2024 by BSE Ltd. on providing details of special live trading session with intraday switch over from Primary Site (PR) to Disaster Recovery Site (DR) on Saturday March 02nd,2024 in Equity and Equity Derivatives Segments, schedule and related guidelines for participating.


This is with reference to Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd. (ICCL) Circular No 20230329-18 dated March 29th, 2023, circular No. 20230413-49 dated April 13th, 2023, and circular No. 20230421-41 dated April 21st, 2023, regarding Business Continuity for Clearing Corporations through Software as a Service (SaaS) model to be implemented by the Clearing corporations.  This SaaS model facilitates continuity of business operations of Clearing corporation by operationalising the SaaS instance in extreme cases.


To acquaint on the above-mentioned SaaS instance ICCL@NCL, ICCL in co-ordination with other MIIs had conducted multiple mock sessions during the period April 2023 to February 2024.


Trading members are hereby informed that a special live trading session is scheduled on Saturday, 02nd March 2024 together with participating MIIs – BSE, NSE, ICCL, NCL, CDSL, NSDL, MSEI.  During this special live trading session, mentioned MIIs will perform intra-day switch-over to their respective Disaster recovery site and ICCL SaaS instance ICCL@NCL will be invoked at the same time. This special trading session will be applicable for Equity and Equity Derivatives segment only.


It shall be a graceful shutdown from the primary site. This is being conducted based on specific discussions with SEBI and their Technical Advisory Committee with a view to assess the preparedness of MIIs to handle any unforeseen event impacting their operations and to restore operations from DR Site within the stipulated Recovery Time Objective in such event. Accordingly, ICCL systems would not be available between 10:00 hrs on March 02nd, 2024, to 14:00 hrs on March 02nd, 2024.


Important instructions for Members: -


1.   In view of the intra-day switch to SaaS instance ICCL@NCL, members are requested to note that RTRMS application shall not be available for any live operations or updates between 10:00 hrs on March 02nd, 2024, to 14:00 hrs on March 02nd, 2024.

2.   Any request/ data uploaded by the members during the period between 10:00 hrs on March 02nd, 2024, to 11:15 hrs on March 02nd, 2024, shall be deleted at end of the session. Members are requested to note that such requests / data would not be considered / available towards live operations or updates.

3.  Members are requested to connect to instance ICCL@NCL (N-MASS) system through the following URL once the SaaS model is invoked for positions and collateral allocation and for cash deposit, once SaaS instance ICCL@NCL will invoked.

4.    After market closure for Equity Segment and Equity Derivatives Segment, ICCL members to note that, ICCL will provide all the end of day files to members clearing through ICCL.

5.   Members may note that a separate operational circular will be issued for settlement number for the aforesaid special live session and subsequent multiple settlement.


For CP trades confirmation in derivatives segments, NCMSSetup.exe is available on Member Extranet common path under EQ and FNO segment. Also, manuals are available on the same path, file name is “SaaS -Related Manual” and “


We solicit your active support and participation in this endeavour.

In case of any query, members may send their queries on below mentioned email ids.


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For and on behalf of Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.


Gaurav Patel                                                                                                        Trupti Tirodkar

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