Notice No.   20231020-46   Notice Date   20 Oct 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   Derivatives
Subject   Revision in Transaction Charges in Equity Derivatives Segment
Attachments   Annexure 1.docx ;

Trading members are requested to refer to Exchange notice number 20220425-2 dated April 25, 2022, regarding revision in transaction charges in equity derivatives segment.

In partial modification to aforementioned notice, trading members may note that the transaction charges structure for Equity derivatives segment will be revised with effect from November 01, 2023, as below-

S&P BSE SENSEX Options (Nearest / Immediate Expiry) –

Incremental Billable Monthly Turnover (Premium Value)

 Transaction Charges (Rs. Per Cr.)

Upto 3 Crores


More than Rs 3 Crores upto Rs 100 Crores


More than Rs 100 Crores upto Rs 750 Crores


More than Rs 750 Crores upto Rs 1500 Crores


More than Rs 1500 Crores upto Rs 2000 Crores


Above Rs 2000 Crores


The Nearest / Immediate expiry computation shall be based on the below –

  • Based on the Trade Date, the Nearest / Immediate Expiry contracts (including the contracts where trade date & expiry date is same) of S&P BSE Sensex Options, to be considered as "Nearest Expiry Contracts".
  • Accordingly, premium-based turnover on these nearest expiry contracts shall be calculated on daily basis and cumulated at the end of the month.
  • Transaction charges shall be levied based on the slab on the Incremental turnover basis (as stated above) on cumulative turnover at the end of the month.
  • Detailed example in provide in Annexure 1
  • Members shall be provided a new turnover & transaction charges file based on the new transaction charges structure. Details related to file name and format of the file shall be provided via a separate circular.

Market Participants may kindly note that there shall be no changes in the transaction charges in any other Equity derivatives contracts other than the contracts mentioned above.

For any further clarifications, Trading members are requested to contact their designated Relationship Managers.


For & On behalf of BSE Ltd,


Ketan Jantre                                                                 Sameer Vaze

Chief.GM-Trading Operations                                      DGM-Trading Operations



October 20, 2023