Notice No.   20230921-43   Notice Date   21 Sep 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   General
Subject   Discontinuation of Stop Loss orders with Market condition (SL-M)

This has reference to the Exchange notice no. 20120329-3 dated March 29, 2012, in respect of Stop Loss order entry feature and notice no. 20230915-33 dated September 15, 2023, in respect of Prevention of Erroneous Orders.

As a measure to prevent erroneous order placement, Stop Loss orders with Market condition (SL-M) in Equity segment, Equity Derivatives segment, Currency Derivatives segment and Commodity Derivatives segment shall be discontinued by the Exchange with effect from October 9, 2023.


Members are requested to take note of the above-mentioned change.


Ketan Jantre

Arvindkumar Iyengar

Chief - Trading Operations

SGM- Information Technology Products