Notice No.   20230303-25   Notice Date   03 Mar 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   General
Subject   Surveillance Indicator – Update
Attachments   20230303 Annexure I.pdf ;

Sub: Surveillance Indicator – Update


1.   This is with reference to the Exchange notice no. 20221025-50 dated October 25, 2022 and Exchange notice no. 20221129-49 dated November 29, 2022, wherein the Trading Members were directed to develop a functionality on their non – BOLT / BOW front end including IBT, STWT, CTCL, etc. whereby any person while placing an order in a security which is under Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM), Additional Surveillance Measure (ASM), IRP as per IBC, Unsolicited SMS, or Videos / Pledge / ASM / ICA / ASM IBC, etc. gets the following pop up message at the time of placing the order and is aware of such surveillance action on the scrip before placing the order.


“Security is under Surveillance Measure - <for relevant surveillance action refer Reg Indicator file>, would you like to continue?” Yes / No


2.   The functionality will provide the option for the person placing the order to either select “Yes” or “No”. The order shall be sent to the Exchange only if option “Yes” is selected. The consolidated list of Surveillance Indicators assigned to securities under various Surveillance actions are reflected in the Reg Indicator file provided by the Exchange.  


3.   The aforesaid feature is mandatory for trading members with retail clients. In view of the recent volatility, Trading members are requested to make the said changes at the earliest and not later than April 25, 2023, in accordance with the timelines specified vide our earlier notice no. 20221025-50 dated October 25, 2022. This feature of alert messages while placing orders, shall be applicable for all surveillance indicators / surveillance actions introduced by the Exchange from time to time.


4.   The Trading Members are required to submit the confirmation of aforesaid system changes at their end and upload Auditor’s Certificate (Format as per Annexure I) for the same on the e-BOSS (Member Surveillance System) as under:-


·      Log in to e-BOSS (Member Surveillance System)

·      Go to option “Alerts & Events”

·      Select “Member Surveillance Alerts”

·      Then select “Regulatory”

·      Go to “Alert Type” option

·      Select “SURV Indicator Compliance” alert type and submit

·      Open the alert

·      Go to Browse files option

·      Upload Auditors Certificate

·      Go to “New Status” option

·      Select “Verified & Details Sent to Exchange” option

·      Then click on “Save & Upload”


5.    Exchange shall verify the uploaded certificate and update the status as “Closed” for all the valid certificates. Trading members are requested to check the status.


6.    Further Trading members who have not availed IBT, STWT, CTCL etc. facilities may close the alert by selecting status “Verified & Closed” providing the appropriate reasons in “Remarks” section.


In case of any clarification, trading members may contact on 022 2272 8852 / 8347.



For & On behalf of BSE Ltd.




Anantnag Katkar                                                                                            Paras Makani

Assistant General Manager                                                                           Manager

Surveillance                                                                                                    Surveillance



Date: March 03, 2023.