Notice No.   20230227-5   Notice Date   27 Feb 2023
Category   Settlement/RMS   Segment   Commodity Derivatives
Subject   BCX – Tender Period Margin Tracker – March 2023
Attachments   Tender Period Margin Tracker - March 2023.xls ;


Members are requested to refer to the Tender period/ Pre expiry margin tracker applicable to the Future and Option contracts of Commodity Derivatives segment, expiring in the month of March 2023, attached herewith as annexure.


The Tender period margin tracker will outline the data pertaining to the Tender Period and the applicable Tender Period Margin Percent for each Tender Period Day.


Kindly note that the Spread Benefits shall also be withdrawn by the start of Tender Period or Expiry Day, whichever is earlier.


Members / participants are requested to kindly take note of the same.


For and on behalf of Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.


Trupti Tirodkar

Senior Manager – Risk Department

Risk Department


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