Notice No.   20230220-43   Notice Date   20 Feb 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   General
Subject   Update on BSE Technology Programme FY 2022-23
Attachments   Colo Services - Annexure 1.pdf ; BEFS -Operational manual for member Ver 8.pdf ;

We refer to the Exchange Notice No. 20220527-34 dated May 27, 2022 regarding BSE Technology Programme for FY 2022-23.

In partial modification to aforesaid notice, trading members are requested to note that, software services under Technology Programme will not be available. However, Exchange will continue to provide below mentioned services.


Hardware Services Vendor

NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd. (here after referred to as NTT) manages the Colocation facility at BSE for Market Participants.

BSE will provide the servers, racks with remote secure access (Internet connectivity with firewall), copper cross connect, fibre cross connect & Solarflare cards to the members who apply for the Colocation facility hosted in Colocation Data centres at P. J. Towers. Please refer to Annexure 1 for the terms and conditions of the Colocation facilities.

Terms and conditions for the facilities under Technology Programme

  1. Hardware facilities shall be available to the market participants for all the trading segments of BSE with an exception for Commodities Derivatives segment as given in point 2.
  2. As per SEBI regulations, trading in Commodity Derivatives segment is not allowed from Colocation. Hence, Colocation facilities at BSE shall not be available to members in Commodities Derivatives segment.
  3. Members and vendors shall be provided technical support to conduct testing or live operations of their business concepts at Colocation. This includes ‘Sponsored Market Access’ facilities provided by vendors to members of the exchange.
  4. While BSE has obtained service of various vendors for the purpose of Technology Programme, it does not guarantee hardware performance of any vendor’s solution or solicit any particular vendor under Technology Programme.
  5. Any trading related or other risks arising out of usage of the services of hardware vendor are the sole responsibility of the trading member.
  6. If members want to deploy any hardware or any other facility not provided under Technology Programme, then they may procure the required facilities on their own and deploy at the racks located at Colocation Data Centre on such terms and conditions as agreed between the concerned member and NTT or any other service provider.
  7. BSE shall not be responsible for any service directly taken from NTT or any other service provider.
  8. BSE reserves the right to decide the availability of the Technology Programme to the members under the various services at its sole discretion, which shall be final and binding.
  9. BSE reserves the right to modify/withdraw/cancel the Technology Programme or a part thereof at any time without any notice.
  10. A member shall be required to comply with the circular, direction, order or instructions issued by the Exchange from time to time for purpose of availing the facilities under the Technology Programme.
  11. BSE reserves the right to include or exclude service providers under the Technology Programme based on such parameters as it may deem fit and appropriate.
  12. The members are required to ensure compliance with requirements of the laws/regulations/requirements prescribed by SEBI/the Exchange or any other relevant authority while availing the facility under the Technology Programme and maintain the integrity of the securities market.
  13. The members need to login to BSE’s online facility in BEFS for the application of the services provided under the Technology Programme.
  14. Please refer to the BEFS operational manual attached herewith to apply for the services. The web  link for login into BEFS – Technology Programme service application facility is -
  15. Any difference/disputes arising out or in relation to the Technology Programme shall be governed by the Laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Civil Courts at Mumbai.
  16. For any clarification on the subject matter of this notice, members are requested to contact their respective Relationship Manager or email to  


For and on behalf of BSE Ltd,


Vivek Garg


 Milind Naik

SGM – Business Operations

 Associate Manager – Business Operations