Notice No.   20230210-55   Notice Date   10 Feb 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Surveillance Measure for securities under IBC - Update
Attachments   Annexure_IBC.docx ;

This is in partial modification of the Exchange notice no.20180608-34 dated June 08,2018, 20190924-33 dated September 24, 2019 and 20220520-52 date May 20, 2022 regarding securities under IBC. There shall be no change in the Surveillance framework for companies under ICA.

As per the joint Surveillance meeting of Exchanges and SEBI held on February 10, 2023, the revised criteria for the above frameworks is attached as Annexure.

All other extant conditions and requirements under IBC frameworks shall continue to apply.

Market participants may note that the above framework shall be in conjunction with all other prevailing surveillance measures being imposed by the Exchanges from time to time.

Further, it may also be noted that the shortlisting of securities under the aforesaid framework is purely on account of market Surveillance and it should not be construed as an adverse action against the concerned company / entity.

The aforesaid revised framework shall be effective from February 13, 2023 and accordingly securities shall be monitored under the Framework.

In case of any clarifications, members may contact on following numbers 022 2272 5001/ 1717/5158.


Yogendra Daxini

Saji Sunilkumar

Asst. Gen. Manager

 Senior Manager







February 10, 2023