Notice No.   20230127-42   Notice Date   27 Jan 2023
Category   Compliance   Segment   General
Subject   Display of Details of Client Bank Accounts on Website

Members’ attention is drawn to the Exchange Rules, Regulations and Byelaws 7.1.8 (c) (i) of the Capital Market segment and 6.1.8 (c)(i) of Future & Option segment of the Exchange on maintenance of separate bank account as Constituent's account exclusively for the purpose of keeping clients’ funds or receiving/transferring funds from/to clients. 


With a view to bring more transparency in the dealings between the clients and the stock brokers and for the purpose of investor awareness, members are advised to display details of all their active client bank accounts on their website which are reported to Exchange in accordance with Exchange notice no. 20160927-41 dated September 27, 2016 on Enhanced Supervision of Stock Brokers. Details of client banks accounts to be displayed on website shall include Name of Bank Account, Bank Account number and IFSC along with following note


“Investors are requested to note that Stock broker (name of stock broker) is permitted to receive/pay money from/to investor through designated banks accounts only named as client bank accounts. Stock broker (name of stock broker) is also required to disclose these client bank accounts to Stock Exchange. Hence, you are requested to use following client bank accounts only for the purpose of dealings in your trading account with us. The details of these client bank accounts are also displayed by Stock Exchanges on their website under “Know/ Locate your Stock Broker”.


Further, based on the details of Bank accounts provided by member under Enhanced Supervision, Exchange shall also display the details of Client Bank accounts of member on Exchange’s website under “Know/ Locate your Stock Broker”.


Members are advised to take note of the above and implement the provisions of the notice by March 15, 2023.


In case of any clarifications, members may contact us on details given as under:


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022-2272 8435/5785

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