Notice No.   20230109-49   Notice Date   09 Jan 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   Mutual Fund
Subject   Two-Factor Authentication for Subcription transactions in units of Mutual Funds on BSE StAR MF Platform
Attachments   Annexure - 2FA Process for Subscription.docx ;

This is in continuation to the notice no. 20230104-23 dated January 4, 2023 in respect of ‘Discontinuation of usage of pool accounts for transactions in units of mutual funds on BSE StAR MF Platform ‘.

Two-Factor Authentication shall be applicable for all types of Subscription transactions in Non-Demat Mode on BSE StAR MF platform with effect from April 1, 2023.

In view of the same, process for Purchase and Systematic Registration(SIP/XSIP/ISIP) stands revised.

Please find attached the Process note as Annexure for your reference.

All members using third party vendor solutions and/or in-house developed trading application are hereby requested to take note of the above and arrange to initiate necessary development at their end.

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