Notice No.   20230106-27   Notice Date   06 Jan 2023
Category   Others   Segment   General
Subject   Encouraging more retail investors to participate in voting on motions moved by Listed Companies

This is in reference to the SEBI circular dated December 09, 2020 issued regarding e-Voting Facility Provided by Listed Entities and Communications received by the Exchange on December 30, 2022.


In view of the aforementioned circular, for accessing the e-voting pages of various e- voting service providers (ESPs), shareholders were given the option to register directly with the depository or access the various ESP portals from their demat accounts.


To further encourage retail investors and to make the process of participating in e-Voting easier for them, the Trading Members are advised to ensure the compliance of the following:


1.    All Trading Members, who are having a website are mandated to provide on their respective websites, the link to voting URLs, which will redirect the investor to the webpage of the respective Depository who in turn will enable access to the e-voting portals of various ESPs, in accordance with Clause 3.1 of the SEBI Circular dated December 09, 2020.


2.     Trading Members who are not having website of their own, shall send the link to voting URLs by the way of SMS/e-mails/any other media which ensures wider outreach and educate retail investors about e-voting process and encourage them to participate in the same.


Members are advised to ensure the compliance of the above-mentioned requirement and provide confirmation of the compliance by January 25, 2023, on BEFS portal. The link of the BEFS module for submission of the confirmation by members shall be communicated by January 20, 2023.




Abhijit Pai                                                                           Shilpa Mhapsekar        

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