Notice No.   20230102-8   Notice Date   02 Jan 2023
Category   Trading   Segment   Debt
Subject   Standardization of Exchange to Member Interface for Batch Upload of Bids for NCB-Gsec Module in iBBS and bulk deal upload format in NDS-RST for Participants -Update
Attachments   Annexure ;

This is in continuation to Exchange circulars 20220722-16 dated July 22, 2022 and 20220920-1 dated September 20, 2022. As per recommendations of SEBI’s Market Data Advisory Committee (MDAC) regarding “Standardization of MII-Member/Bank Interface”, it was proposed to standardize the formats of Bid Upload/ Response files across applicable Exchanges. The format of these files should be common across all applicable Exchanges, as part of the continued efforts to enhance the interface between Exchanges and Members/ Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSB).


In this regard, the new standardized file formats in Non-Competitive Bidding (Gsec, SDL & T-bills) and for NDS-RST participants bulk upload have been made available and are being disseminated in new formats as mentioned in the aforesaid circulars. The same is provided as Annexure A along with ISO tags.


Exchanges have received feedback from Market participants and Backoffice vendors to include the ISO tags as headers in the new standardized files. Accordingly, the ISO tags are provided in Annexure A.


The old (existing) and new files for Non-Competitive Bidding shall be simultaneously available for use till March 31, 2023 after which old (existing) files shall be discontinued. For NDS-RST platform participant bulk upload will be made available along with the existing bulk upload format. Market participants are advised to take note of the same and initiate necessary changes in their systems.




For & on behalf of BSE Ltd,


Shri. Ketan Jantre

Shri. Vijay Krishnamurthy

Sr. GM – Trading Operations

ADGM – Fixed Income