Notice No.   20221207-40   Notice Date   07 Dec 2022
Category   Trading   Segment   Currency Derivatives
Subject   Standardization of Exchange to Member Interface for End of Day Files – Currency Derivatives Segment - Update
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All Market Participants,


Standardization of file formats for MII-Member Interface


This is in continuation to Exchange circulars 20220531-46 dated May 31st, 2022, 20220617-52 dated June 17th 2022, 20220812-48 dated August 12th 2022  & 20221114-43 dated November 14th, 2022.


Please find herewith Annexure providing ISO tags which shall be provided as headers in Contract Master, Spread Contract Master, Bhav Copy , Online and End-of-day Trade files in new standardized formats for Currency Derivative segment.


Enclosed Annexure also contains following details -


·         Sample of above-mentioned files added with ISO tag as header for reference.

·         List of old(existing) files which shall be discontinued after March 31, 2023.


Exchange shall start downloading Contract Master, Spread Contract Master, Bhav Copy and End-of-day Trade files with ISO tags from end-of-day of 02nd January 2023.


In case of any queries or clarifications, trading members may kindly contact their respective Relationship Manager or on email id and contact details given below -


IML Info Team


T: 022-2272 8705/8818


For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.,


Vivek Garg

Senior General Manager

Trading Development

Omkar Wanage

Assistant General Manager

Trading Development


December 07, 2022