Notice No.   20220801-49   Notice Date   01 Aug 2022
Category   Compliance   Segment   General
Subject   Unique Device Identifier for orders placed through Internet Based Trading (IBT) and Securities trading using Wireless Technology (STWT)
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With reference to Exchange notice no. 20130128-02 dated January 28, 2013 & SEBI circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/8/2011 dated June 30, 2011; on review of Internet Based Trading (IBT) and Securities trading using Wireless Technology (STWT) and Exchange notice no. 20210701-30 dated July 01, 2021.


In view of the aforesaid notices, Trading Members are required to capture the IP (Internet Protocol) address (from where the orders are originating) for all IBT/ STWT orders and monitor the same.


SEBI and Exchanges pursuant to discussions in joint surveillance meetings, have decided as under –

1.             Trading Members are required to capture each device (Computer/Tablet/Mobile including Executable Applications, Browser based Apps, Mobile Apps) used to place enter/modify/cancel IBT/STWT orders by each client and store the prescribed fields as mentioned in point no. 3 below.

2.             Trading Members are required to submit to the Exchange, the prescribed fields for each order that resulted in a trade on the Exchange separately in Equity and Equity Derivatives segments.

3.             The aforesaid information would be in addition to the current trade and order structure. This information is required to be uploaded on file server of the Exchange, details for the same will be provided soon. The information has to be uploaded in CSV format file at the end of trading day on daily basis as per below mentioned format:


Order time stamp

Order No


Order Type

Trade Flag

Client IP address

Client User-Agent string

App install ID

Custom field 1

Custom field 2


4.             Trading Members may refer the Annexure to the notice for details of file structure, file naming convention and relevant technology details.

5.             In case of single IBT/STWT orders placed through various devices, the prescribed fields have to be maintained for all such devices.

6.             The trading members are required to take a note of the above and put in place the modifications in their procedures, systems, policies and processes etc. as may be required at Member’s end for implementation of the same.


The collection of Device Identifier Attributes and processing of the collected data is for the following stated purpose(s):

a.             To aid SEBI & MIIs in effectively discharging their monitoring and supervisory duties

b.            Protection of Investors by SEBI / MIIs / Trading Members

In this regard, Trading Members are advised to ensure that such data resides in India only.


This notice shall come into effect from August 26, 2022. As of date, this notice shall be applicable to Trading Members having 25 lakhs or more active clients during the F.Y. 2021-22 on either Exchange. In due course the aforesaid guidelines shall be applicable to all Trading Members trading through all trading modes in a phased manner.


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