Notice No.   20220727-53   Notice Date   27 Jul 2022
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Processing of ASBA Applications in Rights Issue and Call Money Issuances
Attachments   Annexure II.docx ; Annexure I.doc ; Annexure III.xls ; Annexure II.doc ;

In continuation of notice no. 20220624-18 dated Jun 24, 2022, and notice no 20220713-40 dated July 13, 2022, Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) are requested to note that Banks shall process and upload the ASBA applications in case of Rights Issues and Call Money issuances on the Exchange platform only after the application monies are blocked in the investor’s bank accounts.


The Exchange shall now accept Rights Issues and Call Money issuances bids from SCSBs only with prefix of “D” in ASBA Blocking Reference Number for indication of Bank ASBA bids.


The Exchange has made the necessary changes for Bank ASBA/ Direct ASBA bidding on the iBBS platform (internet-based book building software of BSE).


The mock session is available from Friday July 29, 2022 to Wednesday August 31, 2022, on UAT Server to familiarizes SCSBs about the above changes.Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) are requested to participate in mock session which is available on UAT Server.


The Issue Parameter for Mock Session/ Testing is attached herewith for information as Annexure I and Annexure II.

The revised file formats pursuant to above changes is attached herewith as Annexure III.



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Mock Trading Session Feedback

To be able to provide a robust & efficient system with better features, feedbacks from intermediaries are very important. We request all intermediaries to give their feedback of the mock session to ibbs ops/ listing sales teams on the email ids provided below:



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