Notice No.   20220330-48   Notice Date   30 Mar 2022
Category   Compliance   Segment   General
Subject   Aadhar seeding with PAN
Attachments   circular-no-7-2022.pdf ;

 To All Members,


This is with reference to Exchange notice no. 20220324-56 dated March 24, 2022, with regard to trades not permitted in case of PAN is not seeded with Aadhar.

In this context, Government of India vide Circular No. 7 of 2022 dated March 30, 2022 (copy attached), the extract of the same is as given below:

“In order to have smooth application of section 234H and existing rule 114AAA, it is clarified that the impact of sub-rule (2) of rule 114AAA i.e. where a person. whose permanent account number has become inoperative under sub-rule (1). is required to furnish. intimate or quote his permanent account number under the Act. it shall be deemed that he has not furnished. intimated or quoted the permanent account number. as the case may be. in accordance with the provisions of the Act. and he shall be liable for all the consequences under the Act or not furnishing. intimating or quoting the permanent account number, shall come into effect from  1st April, 2023 and the period beginning from 1st April, 2022 and ending with 31st March, 2023, shall be the period during which the said sub-rule shall not have its negative consequences of the nature referred to in the said sub-rule or specified in paras 4 and 4.1 above.”

In view of the above, Members are informed that the action stated in the notice  no. 20220324-56 dated March 24, 2022 shall not be applicable w.e.f April 01, 2022 on account of non-seeding of PAN-Aadhar.


Trading Members are advised to take note of the above notification.


For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.



Hiteshkumar Desai                                                 Jyoti Thukral

Addtnl. General Manager                                     Senior Manager

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