Notice No.   20220324-13   Notice Date   24 Mar 2022
Category   Compliance   Segment   General
Subject   Extending Interoperability facility to all clients

This is in continuation to Exchange notice no. 20210302-19 dated March 2, 2021 & 20210318-11 dated March 18, 2021 mandating the Trading Members to extend the Interoperability facility to all clients and Exchange notice No. 20210629-38 dated June 29, 2021, detailing the penalty structure for non-compliance with the provision of the Exchange notice dated March 2, 2021. 


Based on the representations received from the trading members seeking extension of time for implementing the provision of notice dated March 2, 2021, it has been decided to provide an extension till June 30, 2022, for implementing Interoperability technology development by trading members having clientele business. Non compliances with the said requirement thereafter shall be dealt in accordance with extant regulatory framework.  



For and on behalf of BSE Ltd.





Hiteshkumar Desai                                                  Sandeep Sharma

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