Notice No.   20211229-26   Notice Date   29 Dec 2021
Category   Company related   Segment   Equity
Subject   Rights Entitlements of B. N. RATHI Securities Ltd.

Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that dealings in the Rights Entitlements (REs) for Renunciation of B. N. RATHI Securities Ltd. are permitted on the Exchange with effect from Monday, January 03, 2022. The details of Rights Entitlements (REs) are as under:  


Name of the Company

B. N. RATHI Securities Ltd.

Type of Security

Rights Entitlements (REs)

Trading period for Renunciation of 

Rights Entitlements (REs) 

From January 03, 2022 to January 11, 2022

Scrip Code


Scrip ID




Market Lot  





Please note that the Rights Issue of B. N. RATHI Securities Ltd. (Equity Shares) will open on January 03, 2022 and will close on January 17, 2022. 

Trading Members are further requested to note that Rights Entitlements (REs) for Renunciation shall be settled on T+2 Rolling Settlement basis. The trades shall be settled on trade-for-trade basis. The Rights Entitlements shall be tradable in dematerialized form only.  Trading members shall inform all its clients about the commencement of trading in REs mentioning the ISIN of the RE and that the same shall not be mistaken for ordinary shares of the concerned company. Trading members shall include a disclaimer prominently in the contract notes / bill containing purchase of REs informing the Clients that the purchase of REs only gives them the right to participate in the ongoing Rights Issue of the concerned company by making an application with requisite application money or renounce the REs before the issue closes. REs which are neither subscribed by making an application with requisite application money nor renounced, on or before the Issue Closing Date shall lapse and shall be extinguished after the Issue Closing Date.

Trading Members are requested to refer the notice no- 20200305-21 dated March 05, 2020 and notice no-20200518-34 dated May 18, 2020 for further details.



Sabah Vaze