Notice No.   20210722-30   Notice Date   22 Jul 2021
Category   Settlement/RMS   Segment   General
Subject   SEBI circular - Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at Client Level
Attachments   Annexure 1.pdf ;


All Members/Participants, 

Attention of the Members is drawn to SEBI circular ref no: SEBI/HO/MRD2_DCAP/CIR/2021/0598 dated July 20, 2021 regarding “Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at Client Level”. A copy of the said SEBI circular is enclosed as Annexure 1.

Members are requested to take note of the same. 

For any clarifications, Members may contact their respective Relationship Managers or on following numbers. 


Contact No: Inspection/Compliance


Contact No: Operational Process



For and on behalf of the Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.



Roanna Lewis                                       Hitesh Shah

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