Notice No.   20210630-47   Notice Date   30 Jun 2021
Category   Compliance   Segment   General
Subject   Quarterly Reporting of Cyber Security Incident(s) through BEFS (BSE Electronic Filing System)
Attachments   User Manual - Cyber Incident Reporting.pdf ;

To All Members,

This is with reference to Exchange notice no. 20191022-27 dated October 22, 2019. In the notice it was informed to members, that Exchange shall be providing an electronic interface to submit “report on any cyber security incident(s) on quarterly basis” which shall be notified by a separate circular. Till such time members were required to submit aforementioned quarterly report on cyber alert/attacks by sending the e mail at

Further, members were informed vide Exchange notice no. dated 20190816-11 that the Designated Officer on receipt of any information with respect to the unusual activities and events as prescribed in para 8 of the said SEBI Circular dated December 03, 2018, shall inform the Exchange within 24 hours of receipt of such information.

In this regard, please note that interface has been provided in BEFS to submit the above quarterly/immediate incident report reporting. Link of the same is as given below: -> Cyber Incident Report> Quarterly Incident Reporting -> Cyber Incident Report> Immediate Incident Reporting

Members may please note that for quarter ending June 2021, no submissions over email will be considered and members have to submit the quarterly report on cyber alert/attacks through BEFS only. The time period  for submission of the report shall be 15 days after the end of the quarter. 

Further please note that submission process will be complete when acknowledgement mail is received. User manual for the same has been attached.

Members are requested to take note of the above and ensure compliance. 

In case of any queries/clarifications, you may reach us on the following contact details.



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