Notice No.   20210125-5   Notice Date   25 Jan 2021
Category   Trading   Segment   Mutual Fund
Subject   Merger of scheme of Quant Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform
Attachments   Addendum.pdf ;

MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are hereby informed that we have received communication from Quant Mutual Fund regarding merger of QUANT DYNAMIC BOND & QUANT MONEY MARKET FUND (Transferor Scheme) into QUANT LIQUID FUND (Transferee Scheme). The merger shall be effective from February 13, 2021.

Consequently, Quant AMC confirmed that fresh subscription through lumpsum investment/Switch In//STP In/SIP shall not be accepted in the Transferor scheme with immediate effect.

Further, as per the communication received from Quant AMC investor who are not in favour of the above scheme merger can redeem their investments or switch to other Schemes of Quant Mutual Fund available for subscription without payment of exit load within from January 13, 2021 to February 12, 2021 on BSE StAR MF platform.

Also, as confirm by Quant AMC, the existing SIP/XSIP/ASTP/SWP will continue to get processed in the Transferor scheme i.e. under QUANT DYNAMIC BOND & QUANT MONEY MARKET FUND.

Further, with effect from February 12, 2021 the Transferor schemes shall cease to exist & SIP/XSIP/STP/SWP/ASTP registered will get shifted to Transferee scheme i.e. QUANT LIQUID FUND.

The details of the schemes are attached in Annexure.

Ketan Jantre                                                  Zeeta Eustace 

Sr. General Manager – Mutual Fund           Asst. General Manager – Mutual Fund