Notice No.   20201211-2   Notice Date   11 Dec 2020
Category   Circulars Listed Companies   Segment   Equity
Subject   e-Voting Facility Provided by Listed Entities.
Attachments   e-Voting Facility.pdf ;

Ref. LIST/COMP/74/2020-21

Dear Sir\Madam,


Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has issued circular No. SEBI/HO/CFD/CMD/CIR/P /2020/242 dated December 09, 2020, regarding e-Voting facility provided by listed entities.


In order to increase the efficiency of the voting process, pursuant to a public consultation, it has been decided to enable e-voting to all the demat account holders, by way of a single login credential, through their demat accounts/ websites of Depositories/ Depository Participants. Demat account holders would be able to cast their vote without having to register again with the ESPs, thereby, not only facilitating seamless authentication but also enhancing ease and convenience of participating in e-voting process. The same shall be implemented in a phased manner.


The facility shall be available to all individual shareholders holding the securities in demat mode.


ESPs may continue to provide the facility of e-voting as per the existing process to all physical shareholders and shareholders other than individuals viz. institutions/ corporate shareholders.


In order to enable better deliberation and decision making by the shareholders while casting their votes, ESP Portals shall provide specific weblinks to the following:

·         Disclosures by the company on the websites of the stock exchanges.

·         Report on the websites of the proxy advisors.


The aforesaid circular is attached for reference.


All listed companies are advised to notify the above process available to demat account holders for e-voting in the notice sent to the shareholders.


Abhijit Pai 
Dy. General Manager

Listing Compliance 


Shyam Bhagirath


Listing Compliance


December 11, 2020