Notice No.   20200919-5   Notice Date   19 Sep 2020
Category   Trading   Segment   Commodity Derivatives
Subject   Acceptance of BSE – BIS Standard Gold/Silver delivery in the existing contract specifications of Gold, Gold Mini, Silver, Silver Mini & Silver KG Futures and Gold, Gold Mini, Silver & Silver KG Options in Goods contracts.
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In adherence to SEBI circular no. SEBI/HO/CDMRD/DOP/CIR/P/2019/135 dated November 14, 2019 regarding modifications in the contract specifications of commodity derivatives contracts and in continuation of Exchange circular No. 20200610-28 dated June 10, 2020 and No. 20200918-31 dated September 18,2020 on BSE – BIS Standard Gold/Silver.

BSE shall start acceptance of the gold and silver bars produced by the specified empanelled refiners towards settlement of the Gold (1 Kg), Gold Mini (100 gms), Silver (30 kg), Silver Mini (5 kg) and Silver KG Futures and also towards Gold, Gold Mini, Silver and Silver KG Option in Goods contracts, traded on BSE Commodity Derivatives segment.

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Mr. Ranjith Singh


Mr. Pinakin Dave




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Ranjith Singh

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