Notice No.   20200820-43   Notice Date   20 Aug 2020
Category   Trading   Segment   Equity
Subject   Interest Payment Clarification for the Open Offer of Beryl Securities
Attachments   LM undertaking for interest portion_Beryl.pdf ;

This is in continuation of the Exchange notice no. 20200819-30 dated 19th August 2020 for Offer to Buy made by Mrs. Sangita Sethi (Acquirer 1), Mr. Sanjay B Sethi HUF (Acquirer 2), Mr. Sanjay Sethi (Acquirer 3), Mr. Sudhir B Sethi HUF (Acquirer 4), Mr. Sudhir B Sethi (Acquirer 5), Mr. Babulal Sethi (Acquirer 6), Mr. Babulal Sethi HUF (Acquirer 7), Mrs. Soniya Sethi (Acquirer 8), Mr. Sohil Sethi (Acquirer 9) and Mrs. Tara Sethi (Acquirer 10)  (Hereinafter collectively referred to as “The Acquirers”) to the public shareholders of Beryl Securities Limited (Hereinafter referred to as “BSL” Or “Target Company” Or “TC”) to acquire 12,60,922 (Twelve Lakhs Sixty Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Two Only) fully paid up Equity Shares of face value of Rs. 10 each (“Equity Shares”), representing 26.00% of the total paid up equity share capital of the Target Company.

The Manager to the issue, First Overseas Capital Limited has clarified that the interest portion of Rs. 7.79 (Rupees Seven and Seventy Nine paisa Only) per Equity Share shall be payable directly  by the Acquirers on or before September 17, 2020 (being the last date of payment of consideration to the shareholders under the present open offer) to all Equity Shareholders in respect of Equity Shares held by them in Beryl Securities Ltd. (Target Company) as on the Trigger Date and which are continued to be held as on date and whose shares have been validly tendered and accepted in the Open Offer.

The letter from Merchant Banker is attached for ready reference.

Trading Members are further requested to note that the Offer Price of Rs. 10.94 (Rupees Ten and Ninety- Four Paisa Only) per Equity Share shall be payable to all the Equity Shareholders through the Stock Exchange settlement mechanism as prescribed in Offer to Buy Guidelines.


Bhushan Mokashi

Additional General Manager

Listing Sales & Ops

August 20, 2020